Why Almost Everyone in Russia Has a Dash Cam wired Do a search for Russia dash cam crash in YouTube or even better, the county's equivalent of Google and you'll find thousands of videos showing massive crashes, close calls and. The ole dash cams were in full effect when a meteor exploded over the country back in February. While there arent any great dashboard camera videos of the sonic boom shaking everything, these vids give a solid idea of just how nuts it must have been to see this. The latest Tweets from Russian. The Craziest Russian Dash Cam Videos - Cool Material This is why everyone in Russia owns a dash /helmet cam. We are a FAN / parody of the posts/videos and. Due to corrupt traffic police and a high percentage of accidents per capita, dash - cams have become nearly standard amongst Russian vehicles. These little cameras have been responsible capturing some of the most ridiculous traffic incidents you can find on the Internet.