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for an image is fascinating to us, Latta said. The models in the campaign are couples of various ethnicities and sexual orientations, oh, and also, they're all shown having sex in various positions while wearing the new spring line. Next, for the first time ever, Eckhaus Latta's ads are headed for the pages of magazines, though it remains to be seen if the old adage holds true. With the door closed, shutting out even the director of photography, models were left completely alone, save for the tools to take things into their own hands: a camera on a tripod and a list of index cards with prompts that solicited meandering thoughts. Brad Pitt's Personal Photos of Angelina Jolie. Still, their fledgling films have come a long way from 2012, just a year after they started their brand on the Lower East Side, and a friend introduced them to Karolinski because she thought they might share sensibilities with someone who, as Eckhaus put. It seems that there may have been at least a little push-back. We were thinking of how we were using sexuality, the relationship between fashion advertising and sexualityand in very direct terms saying sex sells, Shin explained. More from W: 8 Middle-Aged Celebs Who Do Not Look Their Age. Interestingly, many of the brand's Instagram followers seem pleased with the campaign, calling it 'beautiful' and 'amazing'. It was actually pretty real.

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India Menuez, plus a newer, always diverse roster of names, from the collector Ethan Wagner to the Graham Marks. Latta recalled with a laugh from Los Angeles, where shes based (along with the brands new first-ever brick-and-mortar of finding models for their first-ever major campaign. So, instead, she set about taking very clean, beautiful, and emotionally photographed scenes of the teens showcasing different sex practicesa non-pornographic approach that Shin, whom Eckhaus and Latta had been trying to work with for so long they actually scrapped another fully conceptualized spring 2017. Courtesy of Eckhaus Latta, their inspiration came from the Korean-German photographer. In fact, the campaign makes old American Apparel ads which have been called pornographic and offensive look tame by comparison. With Muglias help (Shin also enlisted a couple shed worked with back in Berlin the team assembled a cast of mostly thirty-somethings, all of whom Shin shot by herself in their bedrooms. A fashion campaign for designer clothes starring barely-clothed models is no longer enough to shock the masses, so design duo Zoe Latta and Mike Eckhaus, who are behind the trendy label Eckhaus Latta - have their models actually having sex in the brand's new Spring/Summer. Still, it took another six months for the campaign to come together, due to the difficulties of finding models willing to take part. Unsurprisingly, the clothing is the last thing anyone is talking about. That led to a sex-positive, body-positive, sexuality-positive message, as Eckhaus put it, that also commented on voyeurism and consumerism. But I thought, Oh god, I dont want to do that, Shin, whos fond of crossing a boundary with her work, said from Berlin. Its a partnership all are clearly committed to, from twice yearly videos for each of the brands collections to shooting even when one of them was getting married (one of their films was shot over a honeymoon weekend in Berlin). Eckhaus Latta is a bathroom. Oral and manual sex, as well as vaginal sex, are depicted, and two photos feature same-sex couples. Slide 1 of 18, related: Eckhaus Latta Doubles Down in the Face of the Post-Election Unknown. We werent covering people in oilthats actually their sweat, you know? Kate Moss is Proudly Naked at 43). Captured by Heji Shin who has also photographed Cher and Miley Cyrus the scenes are pixelated yet still clearly pornographic. Coco, their latest video collaboration in partnership with the Berlin- and.A.-based filmmaker Alexa Karolinski, whose trailer is premiering exclusively here, stars the labels usual suspects, like Juliana Huxtable and. Courtesy of Eckhaus Latta, for us, it was really important to think of sex as something really natural and not something fabricated, hyper-sexualized, or taboo Eckhaus said. "Weve really wanted to play with the principles around advertising, but it had to be authentic and it had to be real people. Related: How Models Ended Up Having Actual Sex in Eckhaus Latta's Spring 2017 Campaign. The couples in the ads are pictures in several sexual positions, with pants down around their ankles, dresses folded down below breasts, and sweaters half-off. Eckhaus and Lattas friend Sam Muglia, for one, proved an ideal casting director thanks to the variety of people he knows from alternative cultural experiences." "Its not specifically because he goes. Latta recalled with a laugh from Los Angeles, where shes based (along with the brands new first-ever brick-and-mortar store bdsm chat carmen electra sybian of finding models for their first-ever major campaign. More: Eckhaus Latta Doubles Down in the Face of the Post-Election Unknown. The ads are pixelated, but the subjects are very clearly performing sex acts. The very nsfw images are pixelated but still incredibly graphic, featuring real-life couples performing several sex acts on camera. Its not the first time the brands videos have gotten museum treatment: Smile, their spring 2016 collection video, was even featured in the Hammer Museums "Made.A." biennial. Kate Moss on How Photographers Always Ask Her to Take Her Clothes Off). eckhaus latta sex masasje