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Why Is Everyone Talking About Eckhaus Latta? View and shop the latest collections from. Why Is Everyone Talking About. Fashion Week s worst kept secret, explained. Eckhaus Latta Eckhaus Latta captures a high-art sensibility and youthful rebellion in one fell swoop. Eckhaus Latta La Garçonne How Models Ended Up Having Actual Sex in Eckhaus Latta Watch Eckhaus Lattas strange, comforting show on lo-fi Established as artists (theyve shown at MoMA PS1 and the Hammer Museum and designated designers of downtown cool, the bicoastal duo successfully straddles both the fashion and art worlds while championing a new sart. Next, for the first time ever, Eckhaus Latta s ads are headed for the pages of magazines, though it remains to be seen if the old adage holds true. Entering the Eckhaus Latta AW17 show space a brightly lit, pastel-toned salon, guests might have been reminded of their Los Angeles store. A study of muted Angeleno tones, the store could not have been more different, but somehow it was as if it had been given a New York facelift to keep up with the frenetic city. liker hun meg test eckhaus latta In greys and pastels, they sent skirts out that looked unbuttoned, shrunken, woolly jumpers, and satin pants which you could imagine might feel cool against your thigh. Minnie Bennett s VHS video further reveals that. Slide 1 of 18, related: Eckhaus Latta Doubles Down in the Face of the Post-Election Unknown. "Weve really wanted to play with the principles around advertising, but it had to be authentic and it had to be real people. Inspirációként a német-koreai fotós. Igazi párok igazából szexelnek az Eckhaus Latta új kampányában. Of course, sometimes you have to stage small things, like putting hair on another side.


1) Helene Bergsholm (Fa meg pa, for faen 2011). Egykor óriási felzúdulást keltett Yves Saint Laurent ikonikus meztelen képe, ma azonban már sokkal magasabb küszöböt kell megugrania egy reklámfotónak, hogy tényleg kiverje a biztosítékot. They had to be comfortable and intimatetheyre not professionals, she said. Latta recalled with a laugh from Los Angeles, where shes based (along with the brands new first-ever brick-and-mortar store of finding models for their first-ever major campaign. "When the Craigslist line was kind of like crickets, there were some jokes, like, should it just be Mike and Zoe? Courtesy of Eckhaus Latta, with Muglias help (Shin also enlisted a couple shed worked with back in Berlin the team assembled a cast of mostly thirty-somethings, all of whom Shin shot by herself in their bedrooms. The idea that we made people hungry for an image is fascinating to us, Latta said. It was like a spa in space, but sometimes theres comfort in the strange. Colin Selfs sung soundtrack was reminiscent of Los Angeles self-realisation centres. Burning Man every year, Latta said. Perhaps this wasnt a peaceful world they envisioned but one of apathy; even of death. A képeken természetesen kipixelezték a kritikus pontokat,  ami levesz az arcpirító faktoról, de a hatalmas érdekldéstl a feltöltés napján így is elszállt. IS this what YOU wanted both their closing dress and words said. Az, eckhaus Latta kampány pont ezt a beállított manírságot dobta el, és hozott helyette valódi embereket, valódi kapcsolatokkal, úgy, hogy a csók nem csak egy jó szögbl elkapott beállítás, hanem a érzelmek testnedvekkel bven átitatott kicsapódása. But, other things are very hard to stagewith guys, for example, you have to be quick. Hes just one of my closest friends that I know goes to orgies and would be happy to say that, you know? Valószínleg nem volt könny dolga Mike Eckhaus és Zoe Latta designer párosnak, amikor legújabb kampányához kerestek modelleket. Alexandra Marzella, Julian Klincewicz, India Salvor-Menuez, Michael Bailey Gates and Dazed cover photographer. Collier Schorr in the designer's meditation on serenity and ease. In the end, it all came together: After Eckhaus and Latta uploaded the campaignpixelated, and tagging only the models who requested they did soon Monday, their site quickly crashed. But they were all excited about it, and wanted to do itand to do it in the context of the Eckhaus Latta ad campaigns.

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So, instead, she set about taking very clean, beautiful, and emotionally photographed scenes of the teens showcasing different sex practicesa non-pornographic approach that Shin, whom Eckhaus and Latta had been trying to work with for so long they actually scrapped another fully conceptualized spring 2017. A kampánnyal a szex és divat kapcsolatát kívánták feltérképezni, olyan autentikus módon, ahogy csak lehet, a végeredmény pedig, ahogy k fogalmaznak, egy test-pozitív, szex-pozitív, szexualitás-pozitív anyag lett. De ahogy az említett CK kampányok legtöbbjénél, a modellek brén csillogó izzadtságnak álcázott olaj sokkal inkább az erlködés és mesterkéltség, mint a valódi, átüt szenvedély fokmérje. Hogy a képek olyan valóságosak legyenek, amennyire csak lehet, a projekthez valódi párokat kerestek, akik szívesen feltárnák intim pillanataikat a kamera és a nagyközönség (aka világháló) számára. We see models including. Their casting, as is their way, søk sex offenders ma walisisk voksen kontakter felt like watching a family gathering on the runway. His low cries and murmurs gave proceedings and even more surreal air; as we watched Schorr amble down the runway to his crooning, outside the wind howled. I dont know if sex sells, Latta said with a laugh. Still, though they've become mainstream names, Eckhaus and Latta's semi-desperate Craigslist postings went largely unanswered for one of their biggest commercial forays with the brand yet. Nagyon fontos volt számunkra, hogy a szexrl, mint természetes jelenségrl gondolkodjunk, és ne mint valami olyan dologról, ami mesterséges, hiper-szexualizált vagy épp tabu. Kulisszatitkokról elárulták, hogy némi hajigazgatást leszámítva minden beavatkozásmentesen történt, utat engedve a dolgok természetes menetének.