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possible to avoid this by leaving the trail and walking around. Weather was a little wet. It's a steep climb at points and those are equally step coming back down. No words can describe. Vioyggin, difficulty, difficult Hike, easy Hike, moderate Hike. If youre even a little bit scared of heights, do it anyway. We are proud of the praise we get from our customers, from all over the world, all year round. Very touristy and crowded but the top is beautiful. Great views along the whole trail. A hike to remember. The most stunning hike Ive ever been. It was like a magical winter wonderland full of waterfalls! Have some good friends with you to help. Short but extremely steep climb to views of a town, beach, and harbor down below. Coolest view of Norway ever, and we road tripped through Stavanger, Bergen, Flåm, Ålesund, and Oslo! Kunoy, lítla Dímun, mykines, nolsoy, sandoy, skuvoy. Easy hike with amazing views. Get there early, the trail is packed. 2.10.2018, norway itself its such a beautiful country! I am a novice hiker in moderate shape and made it from the bottom trailhead to Trolltunga in three and a half hours. Actually, even if you get there early the trail will still be packed, but its totally worth it for the views.

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Stunning views of a beautiful beach above the Arctic Circle. If its rainy, there is a lot of water running down the path. I'm a novice who probably does more hiking than your average tourist but wouldn't consider myself a hiker. As I knew what was coming it was more easy than the first time. I am not an experienced hiker and we have done it 4h way up in the rain snow then 3h down! especially at this time of year as we spoke to a guide in Odda who said that in the middle of summer up to people do the hike per day, leading to an hour or 2 wait for photos! I took the road down. But, with our low prices, we dont have the margins to run expensive advertising campaigns like the big hotels. Not many people, its out of season, have to be careful to not get lost as the signs are hard to see hidden under the snow. Recommended with guide, very Difficult Hike, length 11 - 15 KM 16 - 20 km 21 - 25 km 2 - 5 KM 26 - 30 km 31 - 40 km 41 - 50. Just get yourself warm waterproof clothes, something warm to drink and time to enjoy. It was a beautiful view from the top and nice to spend some time at the top without huge crowds! We had no wait at Trolltunga. If you want a picture on Trolltunga itself be aware that there will be a line and the wait can be up to 2 hours depending on the time and day. Only thing I regret is not going all the way after the huts. Island, boroy, eysturoy, fugloy, hestur, kallsoy, koltur. Easy hike up - a little tough going down as it is mostly rock stairs. Welcome to Stavanger Bed Breakfast - the best place to stay when backpacking in Stavanger! You may encounter several herds of sheep on your way, but the animals are usually really shy. Id do it again no doubts. Guess that's just a personal decision. Id highly recommend. Bring 2 pairs of gloves. We got there right as a group of 40 climbers arrived and at the peak time of the day. We took our time with several breaks and spent at least an hour at the top and it probably took us stikninger i hodet backpacking united erfaringer about 10 hours. This was a fun and beautiful hike. You can get an early start and beat the crowd. The last part requires you to step over the stream and a little bit of steep walk all the way up to the lake. We went in May and it was a great morning hike. We stumbled upon this hike while wandering around the neighborhood that our AirBnB was. There were incredible views along the way and the the view from the top makes the hike so worth. You also get a good bed, a good breakfast, free WiFi and a central location for backpacking in Stavanger. It's our way of saying "thank you for staying with us". Well worth the effort. If youre fast enough maybe you can beat my time of 2 1/2 hours from the bottom (not paying for the 4K bus ride) to the tongue! One of the most beautiful places Ive ever been. You'll always know what to expect when you stay with us - when your backpacking adventure brings you to Stavanger. Keep an eye on red T markings and you will find your way. We were prepared for this weather so we had no problems, though in conditions any worse I could imagine it taking away from the overall enjoyment. The view is better at sunrise and not as many people in the end.